Enabling the Mobile Worker while lowering Total Cost of IT Ownership

THINC Access: CITRIX Solution Advisor




When people choose How, Where and When work gets done, individuals become EMPOWERED and businesses can innovate like never before.


CITRIX is helping organizations of all sizes adopt Mobile Workstyles through a complete portfolio of market leading Cloud Solutions that accelerate the path to IT As A Service. Customers can build, deploy and manage next-gen IT infrastructure and Cloud Services to offer:


  • Simple access to Applications, Desktops and Data from any device over any network with the best performance and reliability
  • Breakthrough forms of social collaboration to seamlessly CONNECT people to one another and to their work...from ANYWHERE
  • Enterprise Mobility with advanced Management Control and Security for all apps and data on corporate and personal Mobile Devices
  • Automation and Scale to rapidly deliver any IT resource as a Cloud Service





Once computing belonged to room sized Mainframes performing centralized application processing…end-user devices a Cathode Ray Tube and a Keyboard…printouts were down the hall.


Today application processing is much more distributed. End-user devices are Desktops or Laptops…high maintenance devices loaded with operating systems, applications, RAM, hard drives, Anti-Virus… more RAM.


And although still working, these traditional devices typically get replaced when they become too slow or too old!


An expensive and continuous cycle of roll-out, support, maintenance…then de-installation…followed by…roll-out, support, maintenance...

Virtualized Applications returns us to the promise and efficiencies of centralized Application Management and lower Total Cost of IT Ownership!


Applications are published to each end-user. Software updates and new applications are pushed out centrally…far more expediently and much more economically…no more touching every device in a Desktop based Distributed IT environment.


The focus shifts from supporting many high maintenance end-user devices to centralized Administration of Applications...thus IT Teams dramatically increase Network Efficiencies and ultimately end-user satisfaction.


So…what can become of high maintenance Desktop and Laptop devices?


When the wheels finally fall off replace them with THIN Computing technology…lower maintenance THIN CLIENTS that last longer and consume substantially less power…THIN and GREEN Computing!



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