Delivering "Pay As You Go" Cloud Based Hosted Services

THINC Hosting

It's in the Cloud

Organizations without vast financial resources and/or on-staff, technical expertise now enjoy a level playing field in terms of Information Technology Solutions.


The model is simple...


instead of continually cycling hard earned dollars into servers, software, upgrades and often other unplanned IT expenses, free up IT Staff and leverage the power of Professional IT Services @ a low Fixed Cost per User per Month!



Take BACK-UP off your to-do list!


CARBONITE backs up your irreplaceable files AUTOMATICALLY. There is no hardware to install, no wires to connect, no tapes to deal with.

We simply install the software and CARBONITE takes care of the rest.


Once installed, CARBONITE backs up each computer, external Hard Drive and NAS device (plus Windows Server for Business Premier customers) all AUTOMATICALLY and in the background.

Your backed up files are ENCRYPTED at all times and stored on REDUNDANT Disk Arrays. CARBONITE's state-of-the-art, guarded Data Centers protect files from unexpected data disasters.


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Take BACK-UP off your to-do list!