Digital Signage for targeted Messaging to your "On-Premise" Audience

THINC Messaging






your On-Premise Audience with Targeted Messaging!



In a world where the average person is exposed to hundreds of advertisements per day, capturing a customers’ attention isn’t easy.


Savvy marketers know that to get their messages across, they need to Stand Out from the Crowd!


That’s why today many businesses and organizations are turning to DIGITAL SIGNAGE as the new PRIME TIME for reaching their valued customer.


Simply put, DIGITAL SIGNAGE is an on-premise Screen or network of Screens designed to display customized messaging for targeted communications...content tailored directly to your audience!


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How Digital Signage works for You!







Each Screen can have various 

Zones for Specific Messaging

A “special message" ticker can be added

to scroll important alerts


Unlike static displays, Digital Signage 

“draws the eye” to WOW! your audience




Screen Motion = Attention & Readership

Informational Content attracts Readership

Advertising generates Residual Revenues

Public Service Announcements




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